I really wish I had decent watercolor ability because I would LOVE a


I really wish I had decent watercolor ability, because I would LOVE a watercolor of a sperm whale falling from the sky onto the Milwaukee skyline, ...

Watercolor illustration of cherries showing colors used.

Accessible watercolor paper brands

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Easy Watercolor Painting for Beginners. Would you like ...

Photo of art supplies courtesy of Getty Images | | Exploring Watercolor and Gouache | Cassia

5 Simple Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

Watercolor Fundamental #5: Lifting Off Paint With Watercolors

Food watercolor illustration mid-process.

8 Watercolor Painting Tips & Tricks for Beginners

For a dear friend who wants to start watercolor : a starter guide — Le Lapin dans la Lune

Best Watercolor Tips I Wish I Had Known Two Decades Ago

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watercolor painting mark making and line pattern examples. Once you have the ...


watercolor painting too much water example

Great watercolor sets for beginners

Acrylic or Watercolor Underpainting for Oils

Painting with watercolors can be a lot of fun – or it can be super frustrating! If you have ever struggled ...

Drawing for a year. I have ...

Tempting Destiny by Katja Yoon

You like the idea of trying oil paints but the practicalities of cleaning up your brushes with solvents is out of the question.

The quality of your paper is of the greatest importance when it comes to watercolour painting. If you choose the right surface it can greatly enhance the ...


Over time he became more comfortable working with watercolors and was able to work quickly ...

Scan an example handout for the kids so they can remember all of the tips and techniques


Acrylic Paint Brush Set With 15 Premium Artist Brushes And Bonus 24 Color Acrylic Paint -

Vineyard Vista, watercolor painting by Georgia Mansur

A wonderful activity for toddlers and older children with gorgeous, colour-blended, abstract results. We had ...

Prince Charles's paintings are notching up millions. That doesn't make them any good

How to use watercolor pencils

10 tips for nice and fresh watercolors

The lightest part of each shell is left white and it's not prevent them to be nice and colorful. ☺ There are a lot of white sparkles in the background ...

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Pastel Ground offers slight tooth and absorbency. Grisaille underpainting made with black watercolor and then a thin layer of oil ...

how to paint with watercolors

No matter what your skill or background, this class will have you drawing with a pencil and loving it in a matter of minutes.

See the difference ? I feel watercolor is a really difficult medium to master. Also there is a lot of prior planning involved to have any kind of ...

And because I can now call on a couple of technical resources, that is to say, paint and brush, everything seems fresh again, as it were."

How to Make Homemade Watercolour Paints for Kids

Watercolour Landscapes

Watercolor ...

Layer and "Mix" Colors". Watercolor pencils can ...

Creekside Jackson Hole, watercolor painting by Georgia Mansur

The day I painted this sketch, the weather was so rainy and the atmosphere so wet that the paper didn't want to dry. That's why the sketch looks really soft ...

One thing I like about the results of this exercise is that I brought my own style to each painting. They are not as good as Steve's, nor can I expect them ...

How to turn any photo into a watercolor - no art skills required! kellyelko.com #art #apps #watercolor #watercolorart

Despite being perpetually covered in wool, addicted to lip gloss, and smelling occasionally like

Initial watercolor map showing lighter and darker areas.

Acrylic Techniques, Chris Cozen, ArtistsNetwork


If you are reading this, then chances are you are interested in learning about watercolor. Maybe you have never touched a ...

Watercolour Landscapes

Henry Miller: 'The Hat and the Man' (Collection of Leon Shamroy)

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As an abstract expressionist based in LA, Laura Letchinger creates large paintings with an urban

I was also able to paint an airplane for the first time with this result:

Image titled Become a Famous Artist Step 1

Easy and fun tutorial on how to paint a beautiful spring tree watercolor painting using crumbled

Watercolor Fundamental #1: Wet on Wet Painting Technique. wet on wet watercolor technique. With this technique, you first do a ...

While the paper and color is still wet, add some areas of cadmium red and

Oil paper is pre-sized to protect from oil penetration. Watercolor underpainting (left), oil paint thinned with solvent (center) and an ...

I made this tiny sketch only with this big squirrel brush! With its big belly and its fine point, it makes a really good job! 😍

Male artist holding paint brush looking at canvas on easel in studio

Abbey 2, watercolor painting by Georgia Mansur

Watercolour Landscapes. The Cathedral in Langdale

Simple Watercolour Cake Tutorial by Sweetness & Bite

Nina Fraser, Portugal

tray of dried homemade watercolour paint disks

Beginner Brush Lettering - The Basic Tools and Techniques | LittleCoffeeFox

... creative goals, the technical requirements of your medium — and cash. Sometimes, a good amount of cash. Materials can get pricey, and you don't want ...

Grief After Traumatic Loss

Final Results | Exploring Watercolor and Gouache | Cassia Cogger | Artists Network

How to Use Watercolor Pencils

Do make mini sketches to try light and composition and colors. I'm afraid my thumbnails are often better than the end result, but hey, still learning.

... and you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on paints you could also try brands like Windsor & Newton who offer a range of student watercolours ...

Drawing the center of a sunflower with watercolor pencils. We can ...

Just a small casual study.

Amazon.com: Sakura XNCW-24N, 24 Assorted Watercolors Field Sketch Set with Brush

There Is No “Right Person, Wrong Time”

Image titled Use Watercolor Pencils Step 14

Another watercolor painting. Notice large areas with just color and only a few simple details

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Learn 2 skills in 1 workshop: Floral Watercolour x Brush Calligraphy

Sand Dunes, watercolor by Georgia Mansur

Colors and paintbrushes